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Hotel Citi Inn

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3 pm check-in and 12 pm check-out.


A new and modern hotel opened in the autumn of 2018. The hotel works on a self-service concept, you just book your room via the internet and after the payment you will get the room number and the door code to get access to your room. Citi Inn offers nice views of the vibrant city of Tampere, surrounded by nightclubs, shops, cafés, restaurants, several festivals and events. Citi Inn hotel is the right choice for you if you enjoy staying in the city. It’s easy to get to Citi Inn hotel, since the hotel is located right in the heart of Tampere.


All rooms have a flat-screen TV, fridge, hairdryer, kettle and tea / coffee. We also have free Wi-Fi.

Standard Single

In the cosy single room, you will sleep a restful sleep in a 90 cm wide bed.

Standard Double

In the spacious and cozy double room, you will have a good night’s sleep in a 180 cm double bed.

Standard Twin

In the cosy twin room, you will sleep peacefully in a 100 cm bed.


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